Punctuation and Spelling Police Department

*Apostrophe Squad* T-shirt

The P.S.P.D. is dedicated to many issues and concerns relating to the English language including punctuation and spelling as well as general written language use and abuse.  The Apostrophe Squad deals with apostrophe protection issues.   If you identify with this struggle against injustice, or know someone who does, you can join.   Just buy the t-shirt.

T-shirt description: black shirt with white print


Click images for a closer look:



T-shirt costs:
$23.00 (Canadian) or $25.00 (US)
including taxes, shipping & handling

* cheque or money orders only please *
(we're not set up for dealing with plastic)

Sizes available: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Apostrophe Squad T-Shirt Measurements (approximate)

Under arm seam
to under arm seam
20” 22" 24"
(collar to waist)
28" 30" 32"

Other sizes: Small, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL: please inquire.

For ordering, inquiry and contact information, click here.

The Apostrophe Protection Society

The world's most respected organization dedicated to the preservation of apostrophe integrity. 

John Richards
John Richards of the Apostrophe Protection Society - a happy recipient of an Apostrophe Squad t-shirt.


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