Interchange Two Phases
(words and music by Norman G. Walker © SOCAN)

Johnny worked in the gravel pit
Summer job and proud of it

Gonna make some money, buy a diamond ring

He was thinkin' 'bout Mary Lou

When he had his work to do

Slipped and fell and got pulled into the crusher machine

His legs were mangled when they hit the stop

Can't pull him out cause he'd die of shock

No one heard the words he said


    Interchange two phases
    Were the words poor Johnny cried

    Thought he was delirious so they never tried

    It can be red black or blue

    Interchange just any two

    Misunderstood to the very end

    That's the way poor Johnny died

    Ooh wah ooh, ooh wah ooh

Foreman's name was Rammy Kirk
Boss's son and a first class jerk

He says there's only one thing to do

That's to run him through

Better get his girlfriend here

Before we hit the gears

Give him pills just to ease the pain

Cause we're losin' time

Mary Lou was in her prime

She says "I'll love you til the end of time"

Johnny says "I love you too but please..."


    Now Johnny knew his AC theory

    Single and three phase

    He knew what direction things go

    He knew a three phase induction motor was easy to reverse

    And likewise the machinery it drove

Johnny faded from consciousness
From loss of blood and the pills I guess

They drove Mary Lou home in tears

Not to see the end

Then they turned to the crusher machine

Turned it on and without a scream

They mixed Johnny with the gravel on the other end

Now he's part of highway 105

The road to Mary Lou's he used to drive

Out there still at night you can hear him say